Enotrias offers a one of a kind

MCLE on the Valuation of Wine Collections that has been certified by the Bar Associations of California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah.

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Virtual seminars on Wine Collecting, Maintaining a Wine Collection, Establishing and Growing Wine Collections for Personal Enjoyment and Investment purposes, are available for private audiences.

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Following are a selection of our most popular and successful events,

seminars, fundraisers, and tastings.

Every experience lasts between one and two hours, begins with a sparkling wine or cocktail reception, and includes four to six pours of hand selected wines or spirits with a thorough education on the selected theme.


All events are completely customizable. 


Exploring Wine of Silicon Valley

From the wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Urban Wineries of San Francisco, the Bay Area is home to historic and ground breaking wineries of incredible quality. 


Exploring Pinot Noir

The grape responsible for Champagne and Burgundy, has performed throughout France, New Zealand, and the West Coast. Whether focusing on a specific region or tasting Pinot Noir from around the globe, you will see why this is a prized and popular varietal. 


Exploring Champagne

A fundraising favorite, we will experience true Champagne from top growers, exceptional vintages, and varying styles.


Exploring Italy

One of the most complex, complicated, and rewarding regions in the wine world provides endless themes for tasting.


Exploring Bordeaux

The history and quality of Bordeaux is unparalleled. Through the Cabernet dominant wines of the Left Bank, the Merlot heavy wines of the Right Bank, and the botrytis rich wines of Entre-Deux-Mer, you will come away with a newfound respect for the region. 


How to Drink Wine Like a Baller on a Student Budget

A class taught to Stanford Business Students where they were able to learn about and taste four wines affordable on a student's budget, that set them on the path of wine enlightenment. Key tools and resources were used in developing an education that will save hours and thousands of dollars in education, while instilling a level of unparalleled passion.


Exploring Wines and Spirits of the Santa Cruz Mountains

A region that is tucked away above Silicon Valley and generally only viewed from a southern approach to SFO, holds some of the best wines in California, and hidden distilleries. 


Exploring Wines of Mexico and South America

In addition to the exceptional wines of Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, the Valle de Guadalupe of Baja Mexico is rapidly becoming a new wine destination known for growing Italian varietals. 


Mommy's First Wine Tasting and Daddy's First Whisk(e)y Tasting

Baby is here, mom and dad are settling into their new “normal”, and it is time to reconnect over a bottle (or 6) of wine, and a dram (or 6) of whisk(e)y. Congratulate the new parents and their triumphant first months of parenthood with a night off of parental commitments! Hand the kids over to the other and join a group of Dad’s and “Uncle's” or Mom's and "Auntie's" for an afternoon of bonding over a flight of premium spirits and wine. You will be guided through a tasting of hand selected whisk(e)ys and wine from around the world, while catching up, and sharing tales of  life with baby.


Mad Men Cocktail Class

One of our most popular classes! Mad Men aside, this is a class that every cocktail enthusiast should begin with. Whether starting your own home bar, a job in the restaurant industry, or you just want to perfect the basics this class should not be missed. We will talk about the history and background of not only 7 of the top and most basic cocktails, but we will taste through each individual, hand selected, spirit. You will learn the basics of the bar, equipment, spirits, ingredients, and technique.


~Wines and spirits can be customized to fit any budget from $20/bottle to $2000/bottle~



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