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October Newsletter

Updated: May 13, 2020


It's Q4, and you deserve to have a wine party.

September ended up being an incredible month for Enotrias. Primarily because we launched the sommelier service subscription, and I was chosen to be a part of an incredible project on women and minorities in wine, which included a vineyard photo shoot with the incredible photographer and author Sarah Deragon.

On top of being one of the major perks of the job, attending the annual industry trade tastings gives me exposure to new vintages and products for both clients and themed private wine seminars. Two of the highlights from this last month were Kermit Lynch's Champagne tasting and the Latin American Wine and Spirits event, which focused on Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, and turned into an Uber XL ride from SF to Oakland for an impromptu dinner at Tamarindo Antojeria. Hosted by the amazing chef owner Gloria Dominguez, we ate and drank our way through the menu and were joined by Mexican winery owners and winemakers Tru Miller of Adobe Guadalupe and Leonardo Torres of Vinícola Torre Alegre y Familia, and MasterChef winner Claudia Sandoval. There was so much passion and talent at that table we haven't stopped talking about it. While just now starting to get some recognition, the Valle de Guadalupe is the Napa Valley of Mexico, and they are making some incredible wines!

And as if this year hasn't gone by fast enough, it's already the beginning of event season! Employee/Customer appreciation, holiday parties, birthday parties, don't even need a reason! You just need to get on the calendar before everyone else does. Tasting events are already being booked for Pinot Noir From Around the World and Whisk(e)ys of the World, in addition to teaming up with a celebrity chef for a wine paired dinner.

Enotrias helps you determine a theme and budget, sources the wines, spirits, and glassware, and can even help to find an event space and caterer to ensure that you have a phenomenal time with your team or group of friends. We have orchestrated events from six to over a hundred, both formal and casual, bringing in additional sommeliers when multiple tasting stations are warranted. We've covered everything from How to Drink Like a Baller on a Budget, to tastings based on the world's best Champagnes, to designing signature cocktails for product launches. The tasting seminars are on average two hours, begin with a glass of bubbly, cover a flight of six wines, and give you the opportunity to ask a somm absolutely anything for the entirety of the event. While most events take place on-site or in-home, we have also worked with restaurants and resorts to incorporate a formal wine seminar into the overall experience. Last month I met with a new company called Breather that rents out beautiful, private, professional spaces in and around the Bay Area, New York, and London by the hour and by the day, making them perfect for a two hour tasting seminar! And with that I'll leave you with an ancient Spanish saying:

"A que vino si no toma vino!" (Why did you come if you don't drink wine?)

Wishing you all the best,

Melissa L. Smith, CS

To schedule your event call 510.969.WINE (9463) or email us here.


Do earthquakes have a season?

The October 17 anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, and the recent tiny tremors that feel like massive panic inducing experiences when you live on the faultline, reminded me to remind you to have your wine collection inventoried and insured. And while you're thinking about it, put a few of your favorite bottles in your emergency kit. Don't forget a wine opener.



Next month we'll get into the top gifts and favorite wines of some of the best sommeliers in the industry.

Enotrias can handle all of your wine gifting needs, and if the recipient lives in a state that you cannot ship wine to, we've got back up plans.

Somm Secret: You can never go wrong with Champagne.

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